Yes. That's Flavor!

Small gourmet candy beans, challenging the status quo of flavor. With a crispy shell that captures the flavor from the inside out. Giving you a continuous surprise.

Banana Split

You’re a dessert over starter kinda person. Always on the guestlist for the latest restaurant opening. You’re all about that no drama, no stress lifestyle.


You’re decisive as hell - you want something? You go out and you make it happen. You have endless to-do lists written up on your phone, your fridge, and in your diary. You get stuff done and dusted, no questions asked.


Hey there daydreamer! You’re wildly creative and when you hit upon that jackpot idea, people say ‘wow!’ You're also a total sugar lover - always needing that mid-afternoon jelly bean snack to perk you up.


You're a busy one aren't you - the captain of your soccer team, your volleyball team, and your swim team! You rarely say no, and can usually be found googling ‘how to be in three places at once’ and ‘is time travel possible?’ You're a good egg, a real people-pleaser with a love of charity work on top.


Chief dinner party host right here! What you don’t know about pop culture isn’t worth knowing. Would happily live on a diet of wine, cheese, and olives forever if it was acceptable.


From bungee jumping to abseiling and parachute jumping, you thrive off adrenaline. You haven’t had a weekend lie-in in years. Most likely found completing a casual 26 mile run before breakfast - makes us tired just thinking about it!

Salted Caramel

Sassy, stylish and serene. You take life with a huge pinch of salt (the caramel kind). Nothing phases you - Stress, what’s that?????

French Vanilla

You’re all about smashed avos and bagels for breakfast. You're a whizz in the kitchen and never miss a Sunday brunch date. Your smoothie blender is the MOST used item in your kitchen right?

Candy Floss

You're a cocktail-creating pro! A host with the most, who’s at the happiest with a party to plan. You always ensure your drinks cabinet is stocked up and ready to go, just in case you have to host a short notice dinner party!

Cranberry & Apple

Usually found in the front row of your yoga class, taking in your zen time 5 nights a week. You’re so laid back, we’re surprised you’ve not fallen over. Nothing phases you, you're all about that chilled-out vibe.

English Blackberry

Always tuning into those English period dramas whilst daydreaming you're actually a member of the British aristocracy. Wondering whether you can make tea drinking a ‘thing’ here in America. Usually found foraging for fruits in the fields.


Looking for the life and soul of the party? They’ve found you! Your carefully curated Spotify playlists are legendary. Always the first and last on the dance floor wherever you go.

Forest Fruits

You’re a weekend walker, a mountain climber, a hill finder. You know the best places to scale in even the most treacherous of conditions - in fact you laugh in the face of snow, rain and thunder! You value your peace, quiet and alone time and regularly take yourself off the grid and seek out those ‘no signal spots’.


Babe, no one wants to cross you when you’ve got the ‘hangry’ vibes going on. If you’re not early, then you’re late - your days are run with military precision. Woe betide anyone who keeps you waiting.

Hawaiian Pineapple

You're a rule-breaking myth. A lone wolf and a maverick. The kind of person who throws caution to the wind daily without a care in the world.

Lemon & Lime

You're brave and you're fearless. You’ll give anything a go at least once. Always planning your next big adventure, with a backlog of stories to boot.

Peach Bubble Tea

Peachy is your middle name because you’re a walking good luck charm. Every traffic light turns to green when you’re on a road trip or even if you’re just nipping to the shop for a carton of milk. You’re also a kid at heart and secretly still own that 90’s game console.


Your passport has more stamps than the mailman. You’re a wandering nomad with itchy feet. Your happy place is barefoot wandering the beaches of faraway lands.

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Hello there adventure seeker! Your goal in life is to own a holiday home by the lake. Usually spend your weekends jet skiing, kayaking, and boating.

Caramel Popcorn

You’re a serial binger, from horror films to crime dramas, chick flicks to the latest gotta-watch reality show. Highly opinionated on who should and shouldn’t have won an Oscar this season. Big on conspiracy theories and you can most likely be found reading them with the lights off at 2am.

Passion Fruit

You're an all-or-nothing person! A winner, a gold medalist, the champion of champions. You thrive off competition and expect nothing less than first place.

Peachy Pie

Proud admin of at least 15 WhatsApp groups, which you class as a full-time job role. You’re the friend to go to in a crisis and you pride yourself on your coaching skills. You’re as loyal (and as hyper) as a puppy.


Saving the earth one day at a time. You’re a meal planner, an organic foodie seeker, and a green juice drinker. An eco campaigner ready to make a difference.

Cherry Blossom Soda

You are happiness personified and able to turn even the biggest frown upside down on anyone you meet. Regularly seen doing good deeds for the neighbors Usually the one bringing baked goods into the office every day of the week - what’s life without a little cake right?

Pink Grapefruit

Hello sunshine! 5 am starts are your bag. You're fast-paced, non-stop, and have a carpe diem tattoo somewhere on your body!


You’re the king or queen of GIFS and memes! Usually communicate only by emojis. Your phone storage is always verging on 99% full and don’t get us started on how many unread emails you have in your inbox.

Pina Colada

Routine? No thanks! Life’s too short not to live dangerously. When you enter the party, people know you’ve arrived. You occasionally like to get caught in the rain...

Raspberry Jam

You’re super strong, incredibly feisty and you really take no prisoners. A black belt in martial arts already. Basically don’t mess with you unless you want your ass kicked…

Sour Lemon

You're renowned for your dry sense of humor plus your laugh can be heard from approximately 28 miles away. Known for being the MOST sarcastic person around. Most likely to have a totally unconventional and unexpected pastime for the weekend.


You love to shirk stereotypes and you’re full of surprises. No two days with you are ever the same. You'd quite happily sit through a 3-hour classical musical concert followed by a 3-day heavy metal rock festival.


Embraced the TikTok dance videos like they were made for you! You have an account on every single social media platform going. You're the unofficial photographer of night outs - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Strawberry Smoothie

You're a mix of flavors all thrown into one cup. A career-driven adrenaline seeker, however, you also like an 'off the grid' weekend with zero WIFI and complete silence. Predictable is boring, right?


You’re hilarious and should totally have been a stand-up comedian in another life. Renowned for your loud and individual fashion choices and style. Your weekends are spent attending comedy clubs and after-parties whilst drinking brightly colored cocktails.


You're a mix of flavors all thrown into one cup. A career-driven adrenaline seeker, however, you also like an 'off the grid' weekend with zero WIFI and complete silence. Predictable is boring, right?

Tropical Punch

You work hard and you play hard! Always got at least 5 holidays booked a year and you never shy away from an all-inclusive. Can be found clocking out of the office at 5:02 pm and in the bar by 5:05 pm.

Wild Cherry

Despite appearances, your inner wild child loves to make an appearance. Will strut your stuff to Jimi Hendrix Designer of your own tattoos.

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